Litter G

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The puppies (4 females and 5 males) was born on 24.07. 2009. Dam- ch SK/CZ, junch DARK PEARL OF STORMYTH (ch CZ/SK Asterix Pameyut Aleutia + ROM Cardif Rex od Vranského potoka), HD OFA Fair, Eyes and PRA clear.
Sir- LAKOTA TALISMAN OF NAVARAMA MAL (multich Terrapin's Talisman Polartrax + multich. Cherokee Girl of Navarama Mal) HD OFA Good, DOCH a PRA negativníHD, Eyes and PRA clear.
Puppies were born at home and they are in full of solitude my co-owner Erika Marcova.


  Lakota Talisman of Navarama Mal

  Dark Pearl of Stormyth


  Glacier's Storm Stormyth  (7034)

  Goody-Goody Stormyth  (7035)

  Greedy Bear Stormyth  (7036)

  Grey Eminence Stormyth  (7037)

  Gypsy Talisman Stormyth  (7038)

  Gloomy Night Stormyth  (7039)

  Glory Pearl Stormyth  (7040)

  Goosberry Bloom Stormyth  (7041)

  Grace Baby Stormyth  (7042)

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