male baby cl. Igual Du Grand Stormyth very promissing 1

male open cl. High Hopes Stormyth excellent 3

male veteran cl. Colin Canuck excellent 1, Best veteran

male honour cl. Electrical Storm Stormyth excellent 1

female baby cl. Ikuko Baby Stormyth very promissing 1

female baby cl. Istas Lady Kunikpok Stormyth very promissing 2

female baby cl. Isabela La Bella Stormyth very promissing 4

f. puppy cl. Adore Princess Arctic Storm very promissing 1, Best puppy

f. open cl. Howling Tempest Stormyth exc. 1, res. CAC

f. champion cl. Final Fairy Stormyth excellent 4

f. veteran cl. 11 years old Angel's Light Stormyth excellent 1

f. veteran cl. Butterfly Lady Stormyth excellent 3

Best couple- Igual Du Grand a Isabela La Bella Stormyth

Best couple- Igual Du Grand a Isabela La Bella Stormyth (best couple in hard competition 6 paars)

Best veterans- m. Colin Canuck and f. Angel's Light Stormyth

Best veteran male Colin Canuck Stormyth

Best breeding groupe- STORMYTH (from left- veteran m.Colin Canuck,f. 11years old veteran Angel's Light,2 years m. High Hopes, f. Howling Tempest,5 a 1/2 month m. Igual Du Grand and f. Ikuko Baby)

Best breeding groupe- STORMYTH