Galerie - Fun

romp happily in the garden

Sophia and Sarah


runing in gardens Průhonice

Sophia love water


make cooler of malamut- Sophia

Sophie and her boxer friend, Sarah.

Teasing is on an everyday order.

Sophia and Alicia got across the Kremelna river (Bömerwald)

But similarly also various tendernesses.

Sophie as an adventurous tree-climber.

and swimmer


relaxation on trip (Alicia a Sophia)

Schwarzenberg chanel

Alicia and Eli are playing catch

contact (Sophia a Alicia)

Šumava- Bömerwald (Sophia)

flying Alicia

figure skating

winter trip (Sofie, Alisia, Biskay Princess a young Dastin)



our malamut pack (litter 'E')

Look up

Weekend with Alaskan Malamute in Bela pod Bezdezem- Alicia, Rose and Grey

Weekend with alaskan Malamute in Bela pod Bezdezem-Lacota, Anne and Storm

Storm with Dastin- a collective retrieval

and run

picking cherry (Storm and Alicia)

Kasi and Storm- athletics sport

Bömerwald- sheeps....

Storm mit Alicia


Storm and Alicia on the venture Weekend with Alaskan Mlamute in Lužany 5/2007


Klanovice wood

Velká Fatra

Krkonoše mountains

Kokorin Valley

Krkonoše- Mumlava

Jizerske Mountains

expedition in Czech Switzerland

gather cherry

holiday in Czech Canada

holiday in Holland

winter 2009-2010

winter 2009-2010


Lysá nad Labem

Klanovice Forests

Lysá nad Labem

winter 2010-2011

Alisia and Doreen

and with Storm....

Doreen and Storm

Doreen and Storm play with friend Tobi

Doreen and Storm- fun with female Tobi


Storm and Doreen

Storm and Doreen

Christmas 2014- Storm, Doreen a Alisia

12.2015 Electrical Storm Stormyth (Storm) a Adore Princess Arctic Storm (Doreen)

01.2016 Storm and Doreen

01.2016 Storm and Doreen

Storm and Doreen