Dogs champion class- ch. Colin Canuck Sormyth CAC, Best male (boked 29 malamutes, 4 in champion class) (judge Ing. H. Blatoňová)

Colin Canuck Stormyth CAC, Winner of Speciality Show AMKCR, BOS. (boked 29 malamutů) (judge Ing H. Blatoňová)

Females junior class- Essence of Life Stormyth CAJC (boked 29 malamutů, 2 in junior class) (judge Ing. H. Blatoňová)

Essence of Life Stormyth excellent 1, CAJC (judge Ing H. Blatoňová)

Females champion class- ch. Alisia Icy Wind Stormyth excellent (boked 29 malamutes, 3 females in champion class) (judge Ing. H. Blatoňová)

Zuchtgruppen wettbewerb- Stormyth.