male baby cl. Igual Du Grand Stormyth very promissing 1

male open cl. High Hopes Stormyth excellent 3 (6 males in cl.)

male veteran cl. Colin Canuck excellent 1, Best veteran (3 males in cl)

male honour cl. Electrical Storm Stormyth excellent 1

female baby cl. Ikuko Baby Stormyth very promissing 1 (4 females in class)

female baby cl. Istas Lady Kunikpok Stormyth very promissing 2

female baby cl. Isabela La Bella Stormyth very promissing 4

f. puppy cl. Adore Princess Arctic Storm very promissing 1, Best puppy

f. open cl. Howling Tempest Stormyth exc. 1, res. CAC (7 females in cl.)

f. champion cl. Final Fairy Stormyth excellent 4

f. veteran cl. 11 years old Angel's Light Stormyth excellent 1 ( 3 femles in class)

f. veteran cl. Butterfly Lady Stormyth excellent 3

Best couple- Igual Du Grand a Isabela La Bella Stormyth

Best couple- Igual Du Grand a Isabela La Bella Stormyth (best couple in hard competition 6 paars)

Best veterans- m. Colin Canuck and f. Angel's Light Stormyth

Best veteran male Colin Canuck Stormyth

Best breeding groupe- STORMYTH (from left- veteran m.Colin Canuck,f. 11years old veteran Angel's Light,2 years m. High Hopes, f. Howling Tempest,5 a 1/2 month m. Igual Du Grand and f. Ikuko Baby)

Best breeding groupe- STORMYTH