Gallery - Alisia Icy Wind Stormyth

little Alisia- 4 weeks

6 months

NDS Mlada Boleslav 7/2002- Alisia CAC, NATIONAL WINNER, BOS

Alisia with his mum Sophia

summer time

bears im winter- Alicia and Sophia

Alicia, halfsister Biskay Princess and mum Sophia are team

Alicia and Sophia in Jevany forest

with little Dark Pearl

Alicia on the Modrava (Bluish)

agillity Lužany 14.6. 2008

expedition Sněžka 7/2008


Alicia is veteran, but she has joy of running

Alicia excellent 1, Best veteran Speciality Show SKCHPSP 10/2008

Velká Fatra

Speciality Show AMKCR 05/2009 veteran cl.- excellent 1, Alisia Icy Wind

Club Show AMKCR 10/2010 honour cl.- excellent 1

Club Show AMKCR 10/2010 juniorhandling I

Club Show AMKCR 10/2010 juniorhandling III.

Alisia 12 and 1/2 old

Alisia 14 years old

Alisia in the year 2015