Gallery - Sport

Sophie as a sled dog.

in Jizerske mountain

Sophie likes water.

Training with a bike- Sophia and young Alicia

A team work- Sophia and Alicia.

Sophie is sporting.

Alisia also needs to keep in shape.

natural beam (Bömerwald)

autumn sport

Bömerwal, dhiking "Bear" trail

on the trip in Kytlice (weekend with alaskan malamute)- Sophia, Alicia and Rose

Alisia watch a tourist mark


Plöckenstein peak 1200m


moraine of Plöcken lake

on the Gingerbread peak

on the G Senget- Alicia and Storm

Storm and alicia on the Cuirass mountain 1214m

jogging with bike

Storm with Alicia

regular workout

Alicia and Storm

on the Snow hill (Snezka)


Iva Valtrová a Storm run race SIRIUS Canicross Round Hradec(scooter with 1 dog)in Biřička by Hradec Kralove 30.8. 2008

scooter- Iva with Alicia and Storm

training- Iva with Storm Storm loves work, dogtreking, scooter and agility is his favourite sports. More information in the Storms galery.



weekend with AM Lužany 14/6 2008 - scooter


Krkonose Mountains- dogtreking

Krkonoše Mountains

dogtreking on the Kokorin valey

weekend with mals Zadni Treban- agility (Alisia 8 years)

weekend with mals Zadni Treban- agility (Storm)

winter dogtreking- trip with malamutes in the Beechwoods Voderady

winter dogtreking on Blackwell ridge

expedition Czech Switzerland

dogtreking in Czech Canada (3 days)

Bömerwald/ Dreisesselberg peak (1311m)

Bömerwald/the Plöckenstein mountain (1378 m)

Bömerwald/Deer lake


Doreen and Storm

Adore Princess Arcic Storm (Doreen)

training (Doreen)

Adore Princess Arcic Storm (Doreen)