Gallery - Fun

romp happily in the garden

Sophia and Sarah


runing in gardens Průhonice

Sophia love play with water


make cooler of malamut- Sophia

Sophie and her boxer friend, Sarah.

Teasing is on an everyday order.

Sophia and Alicia got across the Kremelna river (Sumava-Bömerwald)

But similarly also various tendernesses.

Sophie as an adventurous tree-climber.

and swimmer


relaxation on trip (Alicia a Sophia)

Schwarzenberg chanel

Alicia and Eli are playing catch

contact (Sophia a Alicia)

Šumava (Sophia)

flying Alicia

figure skating

winter trip (Sofie, Alisia, Biskay Princess a young Dastin)



our malamut pack (litter 'E')

Look up

Weekend with Alaskan Malamute in Bela pod Bezdezem- Alicia, Rose and Grey

Weekend with alaskan Malamute in Bela pod Bezdezem-Lacota, Anne and Storm

Storm with Dastin- a collective retrieval

and run

picking cherry (Storm and Alicia)

Kasi and Storm- athletics sport

Sumava Mountains- sheeps....

Alicia and Storm

Storm with Alicia


Storm and Alicia on the venture Weekend with Alaskan Mlamute in Lužany 5/2007


Klanovice wood

Velká Fatra

Krkonoše mountains

Kokorin Valley

Krkonoše- Mumlava

Jizerske Mountains

expedition in Czech Switzerland

gather cherry

holiday in Czech Canada

holiday in Holland

winter 2009-2010

winter 2009-2010


Lysá nad Labem

Klanovice Forests

Lysá nad Labem

winter 2010-2011

Alisia and Doreen

and with Storm....

Doreen and Storm

Doreen and Storm play with friend Tobi

Doreen and Storm- fun with female Tobi


Storm and Doreen

Storm and Doreen

Christmas 2014- Storm, Doreen a Alisia

12.2015 Electrical Storm Stormyth (Storm) a Adore Princess Arctic Storm (Doreen)

01.2016 Storm and Doreen

01.2016 Storm and Doreen

Storm and Doreen