Juneau Spiritwolf Stormyth

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Juneau Spiritwolf Stormyth

CH CZ,SK,PL BIG, 11x BOB,multich. Electrical Storm of Stormyth HD OFA GOOD (A2, PENN HIP, Eyes certification PRA, C-2007,2009,2011, PRA neg., DNA.

DK/NOR CH, INCH, BIS, BISS, BOB, multiCH Williwaw's Anakin Skywalker HD excellent ( A), Eyes clear, PRA neg.,Elbow status excellent (0)

AM/CAN CH Sno Klassic Above the Rim

Williwaw's Wintuaq Mackqui

Ch.CZ, SK Biskay Princess Stormyth HD OFA (AM-11720G24F-PI) GOOD (A2), Eyes clear, PRA neg.

Ch. Asterix Pameyut Aleutia HD A, Eyes clear, PRA neg.

ROM Cardif Rex od Vranského potoka HD 0/0, Eyes clear, PRA neg.

Jch. Ch. CZ, Ch. SK, Ch. AT, Ch. GE, Ch.SK, Ich., Junior World Winner Adore Princess Arctic Storm HD OFA (AM-13370G24F-VPI) GOOD (A2), Eyes clear, PRA neg.

Navaho Indian Navarama Mal HD A, Eyes certification PRA, C neg., .

Ich., Ch. LUX, NL Sno Quest's Limited Edition HD OFA GOOD (A2)

ICh.,Ch. CZ/SK Like Anowa Navarama Mal HD OFA Good (A2), Eyes certification PRA, C neg., .

ch SK, ch CZ Frost Flower Stormyth HD OFA (AM-12809G25F-VPI) GOOD (A2)

junch, Ch CZ/SK Colin Canuck Stormyth HD OFA(AM-11837E24M-PI) EXCELLENT (A1), Eyes clear, PRA neg.

ch CZ, SK, Junch SK Dark Pearl of Stormyth HD OFA (AM-12197F28F-PI) fair, Eyes clear, PRA negativ.

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